A go-ahead business

General Bunkering Services will stay innovative.  We want to invest into the future by looking forward to the latest technologies related to the inland tanker business. The renewal of the entire fleet will soon be a fact, but continual investments will be a part of our strategy to stay on top of the market.

The interest to join the LNG story is tempting as we see the growth of this market in the Scandinavian  countries. In the Benelux region however, LNG bunkering is mostly still done by truck.  At this point, GBS is looking for reliable partners and local authorities to further develop this new market segment.

In the next months we will actively explore how we can contribute in a practical and affordable way  towards LNG bunkering. The combination LNG / Gasoil in a single bunker barge is in our opinion the only logical and economical solution for the market right now.

The future of the LNG market is still unclear, further research will be necessary to enter this market fully prepared.  Of course we will keep you informed of all important developments in this continuous story.

Over the years GBS has always been focusing on innovation, an absolute must in this sector! That is why the company will continue with this tendency in the future.

In order to continue to occupy a competitive position, GBS will be diversifying further.Until now the company has concentrated mainly on transporting fuel oil. However, the new double hull type C ships do lend themselves excellently to transporting other goods, including various mineral oils and chemicals. In the future a wide market will be opening for us, full of challenges. With five brand new ships, GBS is going to meet the future full speed ahead. Preferably with you!